Simona Rybáková

Feb 3, 2020

Czech costume designer and independent researcher born in Prague 1963.

She studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, while also trained at the University of Applied Arts in Helsinki, Finland and at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA.

She was the Czech representative in OISTAT Executive Committee (1997-2007), and is currently head of Performance Design Commission / Costume. She is a member of the European Film Academy and Czech Film and Television Academy as well and member of Critical Costume Steering group active in international costume projects.

She won the PQ99 Golden Triga as a commissioner (with Šimon Caban) of the Czech national exhibition, the Swarovski Award, Czech Annual film award for the best costume and outstanding work for theatre reflect the award for costume design in World stage design Cardiff 2013 and Taipei 2017. In 2011 she was the curator of the Extreme Costumes exhibition at PQ11.

Thanks to the wide scope of her education and the experiences from her own dance and theatre group Ballet Unit Cramp, she had a possibility to work in many different fields of costume and fashion design, where she combined a wide range of influences. Today she creates costumes for theatre, television, film, dance, concerts, site specific projects and special events. 

She is working, lecturing and exhibiting internationally.