OISTAT has 31 Centres, 21 Associate Members and 49 Individual Members
in 51 countries around the world.

OISTAT Centres

An OISTAT Centre should include and support the work of members from scenography, theatre architecture, technology, education, history and theory, and publications and related fields. Some Centres will not support the work of members in all of these theatre disciplines. In this case there may be more than one OISTAT Centre in a country or region. Pre-existing organisations that meet these criteria should seek membership as an OISTAT Centre.

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Associate Members

In order to more completely fulfil OISTAT’s mission, “the exchange of ideas and innovation, and to promote international collaboration”, it is important to include those educational institutions and commercial organisations that provide professional education and training, equipment, professional services, and consultation with those architects, artists, and technicians who work in support of live performance.

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Individual Members

An individual member should be an active professional in any of the disciplines served by OISTAT (see Commissions). The member should actively participate in the work of one or more OISTAT Commissions and/or Working Groups. In addition, an Individual Member should work with colleagues to form an OISTAT Centre in her or his country.

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