Kate Burnett

Feb 3, 2020

Kate was Reader in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University from 2003 – Sept 2018, combining teaching and research roles. Currently she is leading a restoration and development project on a small 1811 Wesleyan Chapel in the UK Pennines; also writing on contemporary scenography / scenographers, and researching ways of recording and curating the work of UK designer Paul Brown (1960 – 2017).
Kate is an award winning professional theatre designer and curator. She has worked with regional, national and touring theatre companies, also large scale schools and community performance projects for orchestras, opera companies and art galleries.  Between 1994 – 2015 she has curated and co-curated five national exhibitions of design for performance for the Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD). Selections from these have represented the UK at the international Prague Quadrennial, and have also been shown in regional UK galleries, the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden and the Victoria & Albert Museum (2007- 08 and 2015-2016). Kate was editor of the World Stage Design2013 (WSD2013) catalogue and a member of the WSD2017 Selection Panel and Jury in Taipei.