Ivo Kersmaekers

Jul 24, 2017

After his studies of stage management and theatre technology in Brussels, Ivo Kersmaekers has been a stage manager in major Belgian theatre companies for 25 years; and the last 10 years of this, he was the technical director of life events for the biggest private theatre producer in the country.

Since 2008, he is the international business developer for Showtex, a world leading company in theatre textiles and fabrics, where he works together with light- and set designers to develop new ways in combining materials and light.

In Belgium he was the president of Belgian OISTAT center BASTT (the Belgian Association of Scenographers and Theatre Technicians) until 2010, now renamed to STEPP.
In OISTAT he is an official delegate of the Technology Commission as well as the Chair of this commission from 2005 to 2014, and an EC member since 2017.

Momentarily, he is involved in the Technical Invention Prize/TIP project and the Theatre Timeline Group.