Notice of Candidate Change for OISTAT Executive Committee 2021-2025

Oct 5, 2021

Dear Members,

We would like to inform you that due to personal reasons, Zoltán Egyed (Hungary) will not be running the position of Executive Committee 2021-2025 in the upcoming OISTAT President & Executive Committee Elections on October 10. Below please find the updated list of eleven Executive Committee Candidates.

Candidates for Executive Committee Members (in alphabetical order of last name):
SEVEN to be elected

Aby Cohen (Brazil)
Mia David (Serbia)
Laura van Haperen (The Netherlands)
Lise Klitten (Denmark)
Sofia Pantouvaki (Greece)
Patrick Rizzotti (USA)
Jan K. Rolnik (Czech Republic)
Hazem Shebl (Egypt)
Gregor Sturm (Germany)
April Viczko (Canada)
Samuel, Shih-Hsing Wang (Taiwan)