TAC Catalogues

8th TAC 2011 Catalogue-15 Euros
7th TAC 2007 Catalogue-10 Euros
6th TAC 2003 Catalogue-10 Euros

TAC 2011 Catalogue
8th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2011 catalogue

  Price: 15 Euros
The Theatre Architecture Competition 2011, taking the famous historical and cultural landmark ’St Anna’s Church’ as the site to explore the possibility of transforming ‘found space’ into theatre, received 184 entries from 44 different countries and held its Award Ceremony at St’ Anna’s on June 17, 2011, Prague. The international jury, composed by Iain Mackintosh(UK), Mónica Raya (Mexico), Martien van Goor(the Netherlands), Taesup Lee(South Korea) and Virginia J.W. Ross (Australia) were very pleased to find many imaginative responses to the enigmatic quality of the site. The First Prize winner is the ‘A Stage of Decay’ by Ana Mc Gowan from New Zealand, whose design creates a flexible performance space by introducing an ephemeral, changeable structure into the Church. In addition, there were Second Prize, two winners for Third prize as well as for Fourth Prize, and 5 Honorary Mention.

TAC 07 Catalogue
7th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2007 catalogue

  Price: 10 Euros

TAC 03 Catalogue
6th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2003 catalogue

  Price: 10 Euros

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