Updated: Information of Beijing International Biennale

Sep 23, 2014

All attendees should now have letters of invitation. If you do not, please write an Email to BIBISDSWE@gmail.com

All exhibit materials should now have been submitted. The digital submitted design panels will be prepared and displayed by BIB. If you have any questions, please write an Email to BIBISDSWE@gmail.com

The BIB organizers have reviewed proposals for the organization of the Student Workshop and have decided to organize the workshop as a combination of aspects from the different proposals.


The Theme will be - THE SILK ROAD

When Students arrive there will be give a short Informative Text and a piece of inspirational Music which will include a combination of classical Chinese music and contemporary western music. Materials provided for the design will be - Silk, Paper, Battens, String, Twine, Rope, and Wire of different kinds and Paint.

The over 30 international guest students will collaborate with 10-20 students from China to work together to create a "Design as Performance", performance of 3-minutes. All the students will mix and work together to present this performance to the assembled group.

The students will be formed into two groups mixing culture. Each of these groups will present a performance (of the same description above). Each of these two groups will be divided into sub groups with scenic designers working together, costume designers working together, and lighting designers working together, etc. Each sub-group will have a faculty mentor.


The Workshop schedule will be:

Day 1 October 10 
– After the opening of the Design Exhibit, students will be given the brief, organizational guidelines, schedule, and goals as describe above, but with full details. Students will be divided into groups and faculty mentors will be assigned.

Day 2 October 11 – Students will work together in the morning to create design concepts. At noon student group leaders get together to coordinate ideas between sub-groups. Afternoon students will work further within their groups doing specific design activity. After dinner there will be large group presentations to the full-assembled group.

Day 3 October 12 – Practical work to accomplish the designs. , At the end of the day, there will again be each of the two groups making a presentation of design evolution.

Day 4 October 13 – The morning will be an organized touristic activity for everyone. The afternoon will be used for preparation and rehearsal of the performances. There will be an evening presentation of both performances.


Student Design Exhibition

Students should be available the morning of October 10 to help set up any physical design material that the student has brought with them for exhibit, such a models, costumes, props, etc. The digital submitted Exhibition Panels will already be installed in the exhibition space. There will be an opening event for the Design Exhibition at Noon on October 10.

An international design jury composed of Marina Raytchinova, Xu Xiang,Liu Xinling, Zhang Qingshan, Sun Daqing, Ian Evans, and Michael Ramsaur has been formed to review the designs submitted to make awards. There will be Crystal Cube award for Outstanding Young Designer and three Honorable mention awards. Additionally all students exhibiting will receive a formal certificate of exhibit. 

Resource: http://www.isdswe.com/