Time as A Source of Creativity Workshop by CYCSTAT

Mar 8, 2021

The workshop is aimed at professional performance designers, set designers, costume designers and lighting designers.

It is a free online event to take place between the 16th-21st of March.

The first day of the workshop will open with presentations from scenographers Roni Toren and Andy Bargilly. This will be an online event open to the public, the links for which will be announced in due time. A question and answer session will follow. Participants will then be given the briefs to the workshop and a first introduction.

The following days will involve presentations from workshop facilitators on the subject of the workshop, tutorial sessions with Roni Toren, leading up to presentations of the work produced by the participants on the final day of the workshop. The final works will be exhibited online.

Please contact cycstatinfo@gmail.com in order to secure a place in the workshop until the 13th of March. Limited spaces available, participants will be chosen on a first come first served basis.

About the workshop

These days we live a global event in the history of humankind - the covid-19 pandemic. Events seem to us crucial and dramatic the moment we live them, but what would they look in future? How things will be remembered in -20 years or even less? What effect this period will have on next generations? How will it affect our social life, Art, Literature, Architecture or Politics?

Remembering the above mentioned – we may also ask:

How do we relate to previous periods? The French Revolution, for example, or the fall of the Western Roman Empire, or building the Chinese wall? Do we really “understand” those events?

Furthermore, how do we read works of art created in previous periods under different circumstances? Do we read them the way they were meant to be read? Is there “a” way to read or perform a Shakespearian play the way it was “meant” to be performed?

It seems that no artist created a work of Art for the future, but for his/her own public, for his/her own time. When we look at a painting, playing music, or performing a play that were created in the past, we are actually giving them their “After-life”.

This workshop will try to examine the different ways we – as performing arts artists - re-write the dramatic text and creating its after-life.

We may come across questions such as: What is Time in Art? How does it “look”? How can we use Time as an artistic tool of creativity?

Our workshop will offer the participants to choose a text (from the following list) and a space (not necessarily on a proscenium stage), create their own dramaturgy, and share with other members their visual proposal for a new “After-life”.

  1. Oedipus Rex - Sophocles
  2. Antigone - Sophocles
  3. Biblical story of Noah and the flood (as told in Book of Genesis 6-9)

Admitted participants will be asked create to share during the workshop:

  1. Research for inspirations or documentation.
  2. Preliminary rough ideas- sketches (space, costumes, props, lighting).
  3. Model or 3d presentation (+floor plan)

You can also follow updates on the workshop though the facebook event.

About the facilitator

Roni Toren

Scenographer. Born in Israel.

Started as a Radio and TV presenter-editor of documentary, art and music programs.

Made his art and theatre studies in Paris (Universite’ de Vincennes & Beaux Arts).
Graduate from the Tel-Aviv University-ISRAEL.

Designs (sets, and costumes) for theatre and opera in Israel and abroad.

Among his works for the Israeli theatre: Taming of the Shrew, Measure For Measure, Cherry Orchard, Seagull, Pygmalion, The Lady From The Sea, A View From The Bridge, Glass Menagerie, Salome, Antigone, Fiddler on the Roof, Cabaret, as well as The Merchant of Venice (Weimar-Germany), Mother Courage(Tokyo-Japan), The House of Bernarda Alba (Coventry- England), Requiem (Beijing, China).

Along his work in the theatre, worked for various opera houses in Israel, Germany (Munchen, Stuttgart, and Saarbrucken), England (London), Italy (Bologna), Monaco, U.S.A. (Santa Fe) Belgium (Antwerp, Gent). Among the works got the opera: La Boheme, Tales of Hoffmann, The Magic Flute, Anna Bolena, Maria Stuart, Roberto Devereux, Boris Godunov, Tannhauser, Salome, The Damnation of Faust, Otello, Don Giovanni, and Marriage of Figaro.

Collaborated with directors such as Jonathan Miller, David Alden, Johannes Schaaf, Guy Joosten, Inga Levant, and David McVicar.

Won several awards, among them

Silver medal at the 1991 Prague Quadrienalle

Silver medal at the 2005 WSD-World Stage Design Toronto, Canada.

Landau Prize (Israeli Lottery) for special achievements in the Arts, 2009

The Israeli Ministry-of-Culture Award for the Arts, 2019.

In addition, four annual Israeli Theatre Awards( 2011, 2011, 2013, 2015) for best design in the theatre.

Teaching Professor for stage design at the Tel-Aviv University and the Kibbutzim College, Israel.


Presenting with Roni Toren

Andy Bargilly

Born in Famagusta in 1947, studied stage and costume design at DAMU in Prague, followed further theatre and arts education in the U.S.A., U.K. and Germany.

Director of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) for 13 years. Co-founder and first artistic director of SKALA Theatre. Founder, ex-President and Honorary President of the Cyprus Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians. Artistic Director for events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus. Currently Artistic director of KYPRIA International Festival. Served as member of the Executive Council
of the European Theatre Convention (ETC).

Designed sets and/or costumes for more than 140 theatre, ballet, opera, cinema and television productions in Cyprus, Greece and Germany. Notable collaborations with: Cyprus Theatre Organisation, Kassel State Theatre (Germany), State Theatre of Northern Greece, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kalamata, Goerlitz Municipal Theatre. He worked with distinguished directors and choreographers such as Vladimiros Kafkarides, Valery Akhatov, Evis Gavrielides, Ralph Koltai, Jean-Claude Berutti, Michael Leinert, Nicos Haralambous, Stavros Tsakiris, Antonio Colandrea, Michael Redwood, Kyros Papavassiliou etc.

Repeated National participant in the Prague Quadrennial (PQ) as Exhibitor, Curator, Theme Author and Architect. His stage set of Euripides’ Phoenician Women was chosen and presented at the World Exhibition of Stage Design (WSD) 2005 in Toronto. He also exhibited at WSD 2009 in Seoul and in group stage design exhibitions in Cyprus. In 2017 he had a big retrospective exhibition at the Cyprus University.

The London daily, Guardian, in its electronic edition of 31st January 2015, included his work for the Phoenician Women among the 16 most stunning set designs world-wide for the period 1990-2005.

Key figure in the making of the Cyprus Theatre Museum and new THOC premises. First to introduce the minimalistic approach in stage design and the technique of the black-light theatre to Cyprus.

With his personal initiative and efforts Cyprus has for first time participated the Prague Quadriennial in 1991.

Cyprus Theatre Organisation Theatre Prize for Best Scenography for 1999-2001 for THOC production of Aeschylus’ play Seven Against Thebes directed by Varnavas Kyriazis.
5th Festival for Short Films and Documentaries, Art Direction Prize for the film Oedipus by Joachim Mylonas, 2009.

Both workshops are sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.
Technical support for both events will be provided by Eventpro LTD.