Rosane Muniz

Feb 3, 2020

Brazilian artist, journalist, researcher and curator, holds a Master and a PhD in Scenic Arts/Theater Theory and Practice at the University of Sao Paolo (USP). Author and organizer of numeral costume books, since her first publication Vestindo os nus - o figurino em cena (Dressing the Naked - The Costume on Stage, Ed. Senac, 2004), which is about the work of the contemporary Brazilian costume designers and their creative methods. Currently she is Invited Professor and Tutor at several courses in different universities: Set and Costume Design (FEBASP), Art Direction (SENAC), Costume Design (SP Escola de Teatro) and Performance Design (UFRGS). She also lectures and teaches as special guest at renowned national and international institutions. OISTAT member since 2007, she is Vice-Head for Projects at Performance Design Commission/Costume Design for the second round (2015-2023). She was the Brazilian co-curator for the Extreme Costumes exhibition at PQ’11; Responsible Researcher of the Brazilian National Exhibition at PQ’11 (Golden Triga); Editor of the Brazilian Exhibition Catalogues (PQ’11 and PQ’15); Creator and Curator of E-Scapes 2014 (Brazil); Co-Curator of the Brazilian National Exhibition at PQ’15. She organized the First Brazilian Costume Symposium - SIEP (September 2012, Rio de Janeiro).