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Theatre Royal Drury Lane: Historic Stage Machinery

Jul 5, 2022

Dacre Hall, Dacre, North Yorkshire, HG3 4ET
Tel: (44) 1423 780497
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I thought I would write to you again acting in our capacity as agent for Lloyd Webber Theatres to provide an update on the historic stage machinery from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. As you know it was carefully removed from the theatre and placed in storage before the pandemic and we are now in the process of finding a new home for the equipment. Since we last spoke the machinery has been stored in six 40 foot containers and continues to be monitored and inspected on a regular basis near Milton Keynes.

We were able to carefully remove one complete hydraulic lift and one complete electric lift from the original installation together with all the relevant controls and associated equipment. This means that it will be possible to reconstruct both of these elements and restore to them to full working condition. The hydraulic equipment was originally manufactured in Vienna in the 1890s and the electric equipment was manufactured in London in 1898 and I have attached for your interest a document which records the history, context and significance of the machinery.

It was necessary to remove the equipment from the theatre in order to facilitate many of the new and larger musical productions that are staged at the theatre. Nevertheless the owners, Lloyd Webber Theatres, are extremely keen to find a new home for the equipment. With this in mind they would be prepared to give a grant towards the move and restoration of the machinery in its new home to the sum of £20,000 + Vat

You can view a short video sequence about the history of the stage machinery at: https://vimeo.com/724905266

If you would like further information, view the machinery or have a discussion about it please contact me using the details above.

We do hope that you find this of interest and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely
Dr. David Wilmore

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