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International Scenography Symposium of the Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021

Sep 8, 2021

Date: October 9-10, 2021
Deadline for applications: September 20, 2021.

Applications and all relevant questions should be sent by e-mail:
Lilia Voloshyna



The symposium, which will take place as part of the Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021, will focus on the following topics:
Analytical processes (for theorists)
- The most significant modern trends in scenography of different countries.
- The changes of the process of scenography after the pandemic.
- Prominent names in the scenography of your country - history and modernity.
- Perception of the Ukrainian artist in the world.

Practical processes (for practitioners)
- Scenography practices: concepts, solutions, meanings.
- What are the ways to develop digital methodologies in the work?

Learning process (for all)
- Modern directions of scenographic researches
- Development of modern methodologies for the study of scenography and its involvement.
- Online education: pros and cons

Symposium format

The symposium will take place on October 9-10, 2021 online.
Due to recent global developments and the constraints imposed by the new COVID-19 regulations, it will be conducted exclusively online. It will combine sessions, where each session will be dedicated to the specific one mentioned in the above section.

After the speeches (up to five or six people a day, maximum 2 hours), discussions and sessions of questions and answers (up to one hour) will follow. Each of the speakers will be given 15-20 minutes to present their reports. All documents will be published on the website of the Gallery of Scenography.


Who can apply

All interested persons (practitioners, as well as theoretical researchers) working in the field of theater, film, television, theater criticism, multimedia scenography, computer games.

Submission process

The application package must be submitted to the organizers of the Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021 in English.

It must contain the following documents:
- Abstract of the proposed article (max.: 350 words);
- Bio / resume of the applicant indicating the current profession and major past projects (max. 300 words).
- Photo by the author (s)
Please indicate in the topic line: Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography_Simposium and the title of the proposed presentation / article.
The authors of the selected proposals will be invited to participate in the online symposium. All entries must be clearly relevant to one or more Quadrennial topics.


The final decision on the results of the open tender will be announced on September 30, 2021.

Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021

Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021 aims development of the art of scenography and culture in Ukraine, it’s promotion at the national and international level through the development of communication and educational platform, platform for sharing experience between theatrical artists of Ukraine and world in the format of the scenography festival. This project will have the following parts:
1) educational part;
2) four scenographic spaces united by theme “Evolution through revolution”;
3) exposition “History of Ukrainian scenography”;
4) street-gallery;
5) international pavilion;
6) theatrical fashion;
7) master classes;
8) experiment exposition “Territory of students”
Four years ago we created Gallery of Scenography thanks to the support of Department of Сulture of Lviv City Council. We have exhibited Ukrainian and foreign scenographers, have hold the first scenography festival in Ukraine thanks to UCF, have been parties to Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design. We’ve created webpage, which we plan to develop into an electronic catalog of Ukrainian scenographers, where they will be able to publish information of themselves for free to become more visible. It helps to reach a new level, because Ukrainian scenography is not so known in the world. Prior to the first Scenography Festival in 2018 at the national level, there were no events in Ukraine that would cover the artists of the stage and their activities, thus giving them the opportunity to share experiences, to learn and to feel valuable. We want to continue this practice and use Scenography Festival as platform to preparing for Prague Quadriennale of Scenography 2023.

Gallery of Scenography organizes exhibitions since September 2016. Gallery of Scenography has permanent placement for events due to Lviv City Council and Lviv Drama Theater named of Lesya Ukrainka. During the period of activity there were about 30 exhibitions of artists from all over the Ukraine and some foreign artists. Our goal is organization events like those in future in order to promotion os Ukrainian scenography and educational activity. 

Why is our project unique? Scenography Festival, which Gallery of Scenographe organized in 2018, was the first event of this scale in the field of performing art in Ukraine. At that time, the Festival of Scenography has the following directions: exhibition classical (historical scenography); exhibition in the city space (street scenography); creation of scenographic spaces (for staging during the event); exhibition of international participants; educational direction within the festival; competition for young set designers; educational laboratory for cooperation of scenographers and directors. Also unique are the achievements of the event, because it is not only the results of exhibitions, but also educational materials, a platform for communication between stage artists, exchange of experiences, enabling the experiment of participating artists.

Gallery of Scenography has been working with this audience for more than 4 years. In fact, the proposed idea of the festival aims to cover the most popular gaps for scenographers of Ukraine, namely the need of communication with each other and sharing experiences, gain experience from other countries, the possibility of experimentation, and non-formal education.

Organizer of Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021 is Gallery of Scenography.

Place: Lviv, Ukraine. The Quadrennial will take place over 3 days in the first days of October 2021, in several different locations of the city (National Art Museum, Scenography Gallery, Art Factory, open street space and other locations).

Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021 is supported by the Lviv City Council. The main source of funding is a state grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography is also supported by other Ukrainian state and non-state organizations, in particular the Ukrainian Institute and Museum of Theater, Music and Cinematography of Ukraine. Support and partnership Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography has from the Trienniale of Scenography named after  D. Lider (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Tbilisi Bienniale of Scenography (Georgia). We also plan to invite representatives of the Prague Quadrenniale of Scenography to participate. Lviv Quadrenniale of Scenography expects the participation of representatives of Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Austria, Canada, Hungary, Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/scenography.gallery