Iberian Dialogues: APCEN in Almagro 2021

Jul 12, 2021

APCEN - Associacao Portuguesa de Cenografia (Portuguese Association of Scenography) is present with the meeting Iberian Dialogues - APCEN in Almagro 2021 proposing a sharing between Portuguese and Spanish creators. The meeting will take place at Valdeparaiso Palace on the 22nd and 23rd of July and will be attended by distinguished scenographers, costume designers and directors from both countries.

We invite you to participate with us in this first Iberian meeting! The Iberian Dialogues will be transmitted via Streaming to Oistat Centers and then published on OISTAT YouTube.

Form-free entry, subject to registration
Almagro Festival Program
Iberian Dialogues Programming

More information, please visit https://www.festivaldealmagro.com/en/