2023 OISTAT Meeting Schedule

Aug 31, 2022
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Full OISTAT Meetings & Events List
Date Meetings & Events Location
January 20 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
January 21 Lighting Design Sub-commission Meeting Online
February 17 - 22 EC & GB Meetings Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
February 25 Performance Design Commission Meeting Online
March 8 Gathering with OISTAT Costume Design Sub-commission Online
March 11 Technology Commission Meeting Online
March 31 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
June 8 - 18 Prague Quadrennial Prague, Czech Republic
June 10 - 15 OISTAT Hub Vila Štvanice
Prague, Czech Republic
EC & GB Meetings
OISTAT Commission and Sub-commission Meetings
Latin American Day
June 22-23 Architecture Commission Tour London, UK
September 15 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
September 18 Sound Design Sub-commission Meeting Online
October 25 Costume Design Sub-commission Meeting Online
November 7 Lighting Design Sub-commission Meeting Online
November 24 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
November 25 Technology Commission Meeting Online
December 4 Research Commission Meeting Online