2018 Beijing International Biennial Information Announcement

Jun 18, 2018
BIB 2018
2018 Beijing International Biennial
November 4-8, 2018

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The Central Academy of Drama and OISTAT Education Commission will jointly hold the "Fourth ‘International Stage Design Students’ Works Exchange" exhibition and Workshop – known as the Beijing International Biennial. November 4-8 is the time that the students’ works of stage design will be exhibited and students will have the opportunity to participate in a three-day Design as Performance Workshop and series of lectures. 
This project will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and creativity with the Central Academy of Drama and universities and institutions around the world.  The primary goal is promoting the growth and innovation of various disciplines of stage art through cross-cultural cooperation. The two main objectives of the project are:  

OISTAT Education Commission member schools, as well as schools recommended by the Commission are invited to attend and to submit students' works in the areas of set, costume, lighting, sound, & projection design, stage technology, scenic painting and make-up. 
The BIB organizers have created the event with the Co-Chairman of BIB Sun Daqing and William Kenyon.  The Project Organizers are also Michael Ramsaur as Vice Chairman along with an Executive Committee of Sun Daqing, Michael Ramsaur, Marina Raytchinova, William Kenyon, Zhang Qingshan and Liu Xinglin. The Executive Committee is in charge of planning, arranging and award appraisal for the Exhibition. 
As host The Central Academy of Drama will invite up to three representatives (one educator and up to two students) from each participating school to visit Beijing during the exhibition and workshop. The Central Academy of Drama will provide 6 days accommodation, meals and local transportation (from November 3 to 8, 2018) including arrival and departure at Beijing airport to the Central Academy of Drama. The travel expenses to Beijing will be the responsibility of the guests. The number of foreign participants is 60 (mentors and students), and the number of Chinese teachers and students is 80. 
During the time of the exhibition other activities such as the Design as Performance workshop, work reviews, and lectures from members of the OISTAT Education Commission and participating colleges and universities will be presented.  As the co-organizer, OISTAT Education Commission will provide its partners with their network resources and organize professional consultation on international education projects.

About the Workshop:

The Design as Performance workshop will be held on the thrust stage of the new campus theatre center, at the Central Academy of Drama on November 4th-7th, 2018. The workshop theme will be selected by September 15th by the Review Panel, which includes William Kenyon, Marina Raytchinova, Michael Ramsaur and Sun Daqing. Participants are encouraged to submit ideas for the Workshop.
Time of submitting the workshop theme: June 15th —September 15th, 2018 
The workshop activities will be located at the two Black Box theatres of thrust stage of Theatre Center at the new campus of the Central Academy of Drama, which is well equipped with lighting and sound equipment. The Central Academy of Drama will provide support for the materials required for the workshop. Students will be divided into international groups to address the theme of the workshop in creating a 3-5 minute performance that is based on Design not text.  Each group will have a mentor from the international teachers present.

About the Exhibition:

The BIB exhibition will be held on November 4-8th, 2018 at the White Exhibition Hall of the Stage Design Teaching Building at the new campus of the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. Works will be displayed in the form of unified exhibition panels as well as 3D models and examples of costumes.  The Central Academy of Drama will be responsible for printing the unified exhibition panels when participants provide the content. 
To create the panels to be exhibited the student design works are to be sent to mailbox BIBISDSWE@gmail.com. The design and content of the student panels should include the name and picture of the student and the name of the school or program; the name of the student’s instructor; the name and playwright of any work presented and description of 200-300 words about design works displayed.  Each school should also create one panel to promote and explain the schools educational activities. Each school may submit between 9 to 30 pictures in up to 4-6 uniform panels. The size of each display board is 90 cm x160 cm (vertical). The submitted electronic documents will be printed, and each panel should display 200 to 300 dpi resolution with 1:1 CMYK. Examples of display panels will be sent to schools and students when they confirm their participation.  Schools should also send a 200 to 300 dpi resolution with 1:1 CMYK image of the school logo to be used during BIB. 

In addition to the picture display, BIB encourages scenery models and realized costumes. Please send the description and dimension specification of the exhibition model to the email box so that the exhibition booth can be arranged by the Central Academy of Drama. The participating institutions should be responsible for carrying and installing models, and bring the models back to the end of the exhibition. When entering China with a model, it is necessary to fill in the entry declaration form so that leaving with customs will be smooth. 

Submission of Exhibit Panel Files and Project Information:


About the Lectures: 

BIB encourages teachers and experts in various theatrical fields to engage in academic exchanges. If you wish to present a lecture, please submit the speech title, speaker's name, institution and content outline (800 words) to the Email box before September 15th, 2018. Please send the full text to the Email box before October 1st.  Your paper will be printed in the Exhibition Catalogue in English and Chinese. Projection equipment for lecturers will be provided by the Central Academy of Drama. 

Schedule of BIB 2018
November 2    Set up & Mounting of the 3D models in the exhibit. 
November 3 Continued set up
International guests check in 
November 4 9:30 Opening Ceremony and Welcome Ceremony (Thrust Theatre Stage) 
Group photo in front of the theatre after the opening ceremony
10:30-11:45 Opening Ceremony of the design exhibition (White International Hall)
14:00-20:30 Workshop 1st organization and discussion 
November 5 9:00-10:30 Lectures
11:00-20:30 Workshop activities
November 6 9:00-10:30 Lectures
11:00-20:30 Workshop activities
November 7 9:00-10:30 Lectures 
11:00-17:30 Workshop
19:00 Performance of Workshop, Awards Ceremony and Party
November 8 Beijing Cultural Tour & Closing Dinner
November 9 Departure 


Important Information

The registration form will be sent by the Central Academy of Drama June 15th to all schools. The deadline of return the registration form is July 15th. The Central Academy of Drama will send the Invitation Letter (necessary for obtaining a Visa to visit China) when we receive your form. Please respond before deadlines so all formalities can be accomplished.  We will not be able to accept the registration after the deadline of July 15th
Information on the BIB 2018 exhibition will be published on the website of BIB and printed as an Exhibition Catalogue. All participating schools will get 10 printed color catalogues with all entries, before leaving Beijing, please ensure you have the appropriate baggage allowance on your return flight. 
This information announcement is a preliminary plan and will be adjusted for continuous progress. The information will be sent to the members of OISTAT Education in the form of Email, and will be published on www.oistat.org of OISTAT and www.isdswe.org of BIB. 
As the main organizer and host, the Central Academy of Drama will provide financial support and logistical support for the projects mentioned above. 
We look forward to the international cooperation and participation of our colleagues.
Co-Chairman of BIB Sun Daqing and William Kenyon, and Project organizers Marina Raytchinova and Michael Ramsaur.