Invitation to OISTAT Architecture Commission Meeting 2014 at the Wood and Canvas Conference

Apr 29, 2014

Dear Architecture Commission Delegates and Friends,

We will be holding a meeting of the Architecture Commission at the Wood and Canvas (and rabbit glue) conference in Antrwerp, Belgium from 12 to 15 June. Please do come if you can. This will be a self funded meeting. It also follows on from the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference in London from 8 to 10 June, so you can combine two conferences in one trip.

If you intend to come please book a place through the website but also inform me(tim@fosterwilsonarchitects.com).

I look forward to seeing you in London and Antwerp.

Best wishes

Tim Foster
Chair of OISTAT Architecture Commission


“Wood and Canvas (and rabbit glue) in the Modern World”

The conference will be held in Antwerp in June of 2014, to suggest ideas and methodologies so that old wooden stage machinery can be put to use in modern theatre productions. Rather than seeing this equipment as obsolete and falling completely out of use, we believe that ways can be found to revive these extremely flexible systems. For the first theme, conference participants will have hands-on experience building a 1:4 scale model, as well as seeing the machinery in place. For the second theme, we are seeking ideas on how to integrate 19th century wooden stage machinery with modern power systems and digital controls.

If you haven't registered yet for the Wood and Canvas conference, don't postpone it too long anymore. Within 15 days ends the Early Bird action: not only will the registration fee raise substantially after 30 April, also hotel accommodation will be a bit more expensive from that date on. If you have to cancel your attendance unexpectedly, there is a refund policy:
100% until April 30th;
80% until May 31st;
50% until June 9th.

Please forward this message to colleagues that you know are interested in this international conference. Further information on conference presentations can be found on woodandcanvas.info.yorku.ca and www.theatreurope.eu

For registrations conference: http://woodandcanvas.info.yorku.ca

You can also support "Wood and Canvas" conference with a donation at: http://www.theatreurope.eu/Donations