The Architecture Commission (AC) exists to facilitate communication and understanding about theatre buildings among architects, scenographers and technicians worldwide. Through communication about common interests, the commission provides forums for professional growth, develops projects and collects and disseminates information. It meets and works in order to exchange knowledge about theatre architecture and about all technical and scenographic areas related to theatre.

Every 4 years AC arranges a competition on theatre architecture (TAC) for young architects and architectural students. The next competition will be held in 2011. Selected projects are exhibited in Prague at PQ, which is one of the world's leading exhibitions for scenography and theatre architecture. In this way it provides participants with an opportunity to be part of an important event of the theatre world.

AC publishes catalogues and publications concerning theatre architecture around the world.

It provides a website for information, communication and exchange of knowledge.

Commission work:


• AC organizes meetings with the aim to have a meeting at least every 2 years. The frequency of meetings depends on invitations from OISTAT centers. During these meeting members of AC focus on special topics of theatre buildings, have lectures, theatre visits, and in general report on their work and discuss current projects.


• AC collaborates with other OISTAT commissions, e.g. technology, scenography and publication commissions, on common and overlapping topics.


• AC organizes workshops on general theatre planning themes (eg. development of auditorium and building typologies and detailed concerns (e.g. seating, integrating technical provision, safety, etc.)


• AC provides information on projects designed by members of AC


Invitation to join OISTAT AC:

Individual members are welcome to join the AC. They should be interested in the theatre building field and be willing to take part or contribute to the work of AC.

Invitation for architecture schools and schools for theatre technicians:

•  Architectural and technical schools are invited to organize lectures or workshops with members of AC on theatre design topics

AC can:

•  Offer voluntary advice on theatre projects around the world via the AC network

•  Mentor students  undertaking seminars or diploma works on theatre design topics

•  Offer support to universities and architecture schools  in  the design of  performing arts projects

(Updated: 2010/03/11)