OISTAT President
The Netherlands

Bert Determann



Bert Determann is member of the board of directors of the Rotterdam City Theatre ‘Rotterdamse Schouwburg’  (www.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl), one of the most important theatres in the Netherlands. He is in charge of general management. This function is combined with his ownership of ‘VORM & DECOR SCENERY WORKSHOP’ (www.vorm-decor.nl), also situated in Rotterdam. He is responsible for and in charge of artistic policy, governing and management. It is the largest independent scenery workshop in the Netherlands. ‘Vorm & Decor’ specializes, due to the Dutch system, in travelling sets and scenery.

Bert was educated a sculptor at the academy of arts in Rotterdam. Already during his studying years the connection to theatre was established. Over 600 decors were made in the workshop over a period of more than 25 years.

He was member of the executive committee of VPT, the Dutch OISTAT centre for 8 years and member of the Technical Commission.

Bert is involved in several cultural and societal activities and is an accurate organiser. A feel for structure and governing is combined with knowledge of the cultural field and entrepreneurship.