OISTAT President
The Netherlands

Louis Janssen



- Theatre Consultant, Director at ‘theateradvies bv’ www.theateradvies.nl

- Member of the VPT (the Netherlands); BASTT (Belgium); DTHG (Germany); TATT (Taiwan)

- Honorary member of OISTAT

- Member of the Society of Theatre Consultants

- Recipient of the “Frits van den Haspel” award


Louis has more than 35 years of experience in theatre. He has worked in several theatres, working his way up from stagehand to technical director. He also worked for ‘Toneelgroep Amsterdam’, the largest Dutch touring drama company, as technical director.

In his professional practice, he has directed the design of theatrical infrastructure for the construction and renovation of more than 60 theatres in various countries. Additionally, he has distinguished himself as designer for his innovative contributions, such as the “wireless” grid, which has become a standard in the Netherlands and is gaining ground in other countries. He is a strong advocate for daylight on stage.


Louis has been long active in both national and international theatre associations. As member of the VPT he has served on the board of that organization, member of the editorial board of 'Zichtlijnen', the Dutch theatre magazine and board member of 'Stichting Tekening', a foundation that manages a digital database of drawings of all Dutch theatres. He is also on the board of 'Stichting Vakbeurs Theatertechniek', a foundation that organizes the biannual Dutch Theatre Technical trade show.


In OISTAT he has held positions at the Executive Committee and Technology Commission. He has been member of the TC for almost 20 years, 12 of them as vice chair. He was a member of the EC for 12 years, 8 of them as vice president. He is frequently invited to give lectures and workshops at conferences and international theatre events.


International collaboration has always been key in Louis’ professional career. As technical director of theatre company ‘Toneelgroep Amsterdam’ and as an active member of OISTAT he has travelled around the world, and built an international network of colleagues. Louis loves to cook.