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World Stage Design Returns to Canada – this time to Calgary!



Drama at the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary has been selected to host the 5th World Stage Design in August 2021. World Stage Design(WSD) is an international juried exhibition celebrating the best performance designs from over 35 countries.  The 10-day festival comprises of World Stage Design, Scenofest, Theatre Architecture Competition and Technical Invention Prize which cover theatre design, architecture and technology. All exhibition will be on display on University of Calgary campus.

OISTAT, International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians was founded in 1968 as a cooperative, global, non-governmental organization. OISTAT serves those who facilitate and create design for live performance, including practitioners, researchers, students, and associated partners.

OISTAT is the driving force behind WSD, Scenofest, Theatre Architecture Competition and Technical Invention Prize. Scenofest is the largest festival of scenography in the world, where professionals and students will come to Calgary to participate in performances, workshops, lectures, talks, seminars, and panel presentations.

The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology/Institut canadien des technologies scénographiques (CITT/ICTS) will, as the Canadian OISTAT Centre, host the OISTAT World Congress, which welcomes over 60 delegates from around the globe to engage in conversations about theatre design, education, architecture and technology.  CITT/ICTS will also be holding its annual Rendez-vous Conference and Trade Show on campus, which will include an array of professional development training opportunities, an industry trade show, as well as its annual general meeting and awards banquet.

CITT/ICTS has been instrumental in securing this opportunity for Calgary. The province of Alberta is fortunate to have a very active regional CITT/ICTS section that regularly hosts workshops and meetings annually to its membership.


“CITT/ICTS is extraordinarily honoured to be involved in bringing WSD 2021 to Calgary.  As our members gather for our annual Rendez-vous conference, we look forward to inviting the world's scenographers, theatre architects, theatre educators and theatre technicians in to celebrate, challenge, engage, and further develop live performance, its included technologies and the spaces that host it.” says CITT/ICTS Interim President Elizabeth Wilkie.


World Stage Design (WSD) was mounted in 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan which hosted over 15, 000 visitors from 71 countries over 10 days. WSD originated in Toronto in 2005 and has since been to Seoul Korea, Cardiff Wales and Taipei. Calgary will be the 5th city to host the extraordinary event and the University of Calgary welcomes this excellent opportunity to showcase its campus and School of Creative and Performing Arts to the World.


“Drama at the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) at the University of Calgary is very pleased to be the home of WSD2021. We are looking forward playing host to members of the international theatre community and to engaging with artists, technicians, architects, educators and students on our beautiful campus and surrounding landscape. The SCPA Drama welcomes this opportunity to work with OISTAT and CITT to bring the best of scenography to the City of Calgary and the local and regional arts community. I am personally invested in bringing the conversation of storytelling and scenography with landscape and local Indigenous communities to OISTAT; I welcome Blackfoot Elder, Saakokoto to the advisory committee.” Says April Viczko, Chair of Drama for SCPA.


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