Technical Invention Prize 2017 Catalogue

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Price: English version: 7 Euros
       English version + Traditional Chinese version: 9 Euros
Price: English version: 7 Euros
        English version + Traditional Chinese version: 9 Euros

Technical Invention Prize (TIP) is a global competition organized by OISTAT Technology commission. TIP awards technicians who come up with simple and smart solutions to the works in theatre or entertainment industry. It provides an opportunity for theatre-makers to share their solutions and inventions with the international theatre community.

The International Jury of the Technical Invention Prize 2017, consisting of Loren Schreiber (USA), Andreas Bickel (Germany), Eugene Yang (Taiwan), Ivo Kersmaekers (Belgium), Laura van Haperen (The Netherlands) and Romana Boskovic (Serbia), selected top 3 prizes, 3 Honourable Prizes and 7 entries. First prize is awarded to Jansjörre by Joris Thiry from Belgium. The 13 entries were exhibited during World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, and also be in the TIP 2017 catalogue.


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