Changing Perspectives – OISTAT Celebration Day

A day of celebration of the past, present and future of OISTAT.
Performance, events, conversation, refreshments. Meet the team and join in the experience – it will change your perspective – if not your life…


OISTAT – Changing Perspectives, is a celebration of the work of OISTAT.
A day for the public and practitioners to come and see the work that has been accomplished around the world by OISTAT and what it will be developing in the future, from Scenofest and World Stage Design to publishing Digital Theatre Words and World Scenography, an opportunity for everyone to relax in a day of performance, events, conversation over refreshments, meet the main OISTAT team and find out how to become involved.



OISTAT Celebration Day

Time: June 20, 2015  12:00~22:00

Location: Courtyard of the Náprstek Museum (Betlémské náměstí 1, 110 00 Praha 1)