The Approaches and Interactions with Communities

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities
The relation between arts and the society evolves over time. How do civic engagement and culture policies affect the connection? What are the means for art festivals, venues, and performing arts groups to approach and interact with the communities? As modern technology develops, do digital platforms open up more possibilities for performing arts?
OISTAT invited 11 arts professionals from Australia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, UK, and US to share their thoughts on arts and communities. 
Moderator:       Wan-Jung Wei /      (TW) / Manager of OISTAT Headquarters
Participants:    — Jane Crawley       (AU) / Manager of Arts & Culture, City of Melbourne
                        — Andrew Taylor     (US) / Associate Professor of Arts Management, American University 
                        — Tom Shaw          (UK) / Business Director & Executive Producer of Digital Theatre 
                        — Jan K. Rolník       (CZ) / Curator of SIGNAL|Prague Light Festival 
                        — Jeff Khan            (AU) / Artistic Director of Performance Space 
                        — Wu-Ming Chen    (TW) / Executive Officer of Vocal Asia
                        — Pen-Ting Huang  (TW) / Deputy Manager of Planning and Marketing Department of
                                                     the National Theater & Concert Hall, National Performing Arts Center 
                        — Shao-Yuan Chen (TW) / Programmer of Kaohsiung Spring Art Festival & Artistic Director
                                                     of Kaohsiung Experimental Theatre
                        — Hsin-Tung Liao   (TW) / Planning Assistant of Chiayi Performing Arts Center
                        — Pin-Shiu Chen    (TW) / Archiving Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
                        — River Lin            (TW) / Independent Curator