Advocating the Arts

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities
Panel Discussion: Cultivating Advocacy
Who should be arts advocates? How can we encourage involvement and advocacy from everyone? How and what are the means of cultivating arts advocacy in the digital era? Panelists from American University, Digital Theatre, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Very Mainstream Studio are invited to share their perspective and practice on art advocacy.
Moderator:    Li-Ting Liu        (TW) / Associate Executive Director of Taipei Arts Festivals
Panelists:     Andrew Taylor   (US)  / Associate Professor of Arts Management, American University 
                      Tom Shaw        (UK)  / Business Director & Executive Producer of Digital Theatre
                     Jennifer Lee      (TW) / Project Manager of Taipei Performing Arts Center
                     Tung-Yen Chou  (TW) / Founder & Director of Very Mainstream Studio