Citizen Involvement in Arts Strategy

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities


Speaker: Jane Crawley

Manager of Arts & Culture, City of Melbourne


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Australia has a unique culture context of 70,000 years of aboriginal culture and story-telling. On the contrary, cities in Australia are new (no older than 200 year.) Citizens immigrated to Australia from around the world reflecting a diverse range of identities, faiths, individual differences, and pursuits. In Melbourne, the vision is for a bold, inspirational, and sustainable city. Melbourne is an art & culture city because the people want it that way, and make sure it stays that way.

In this presentation, Jane Crawley talks about how arts and cultural policies in Melbourne are made. To fullfill its goal to be a "Creative City," the city government invites all citizens to make the decisions of how arts and cultures are promoted from 2014 to 2017. Multiple forums, online and offline, pop-up events, roundtable sessions, workshops, and meetings were conducted to reach people in the city in order to make the most well-rounded strategy. Its planning and analysis are detailed in Crawley's presentation.

Download complete presentation summary here.