Art Centre Always Open - 24hr Theatre

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities


Speaker: Austin Wang (TW)
Set Designer /Director of Taipei Performing Arts Center
Chair of OISTAT Publication & Communication Commission


Austin Wang is an internationally renowned set designer from Taiwan, who has been designing set and lighting for many well-known Taiwanese performing arts productions of different genres, including opera, Chinese opera, modern dance, drama and events In 2013, he took over the management of the Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), a new cultural landmark that soon will be open in Taipei in 2016. 

In this presentation, Wang talks about the mission to "Play Different" from other performance venues as to be a 24hr theatre that welcomes visitors 24/7. TPAC includes three spaces, Grand Theatre (1500 seats), Proscenium Playhouse (800 seats) and Multiform Theatre (800 seats) which can function autonomously or allow flexibility in combining into a Super Theatre. Wang also talks about its future programming for each space in TPAC. The opening program is also revealed at the presentation.

Download complete presentation summary here.

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