OISTAT Project Grant

OISTAT Grant is allocated to projects that support OISTAT mission and are for the benefit of the worldwide theatre community.

OISTAT Mission
* To stimulate the exchange of ideas and innovations, and to promote international collaboration in professions which support live performance;
* To promote the formation of centres in each country in order to achieve these aims;
* To encourage life-long learning among live performance practitioners;
* To respect the integrity of all cultures and celebrate the diversity as well as the similarities of those who work in support of live performance.

Applicant Eligibility:
Project undertaken and supported by the OISTAT Executive Committee and one of OISTAT Commissions

Grant amount: depending on the scale of the project and number of projects approved by OISTAT. In each two years circle, only worldwide project could have up to a maximum of 25,000 Euro.

OISTAT projects funded: Theatre Architecture Competition, World Stage Design, Scenofest, World Scenography, Technical Invention Prize, and Digital Theatre Words.

OISTAT gives priority to projects which also includes significant funds from other sources. New projects seeking complete OISTAT funding are also considered.

Grant period: The grant funding must be completed within a two-year cycle. Applicants should allow sufficient time to plan, implement, close out their project. When funded, projects need to acknowledge OISTAT and Headquarters’ official government supporter in all printed and online media.

Download Complete OISTAT Grant Guidelines
Download OISTAT Project Grant Application Form
Download OISTAT Project Grant Report Form


Guidelines and Application Instructions

Application Deadline
The application must be submitted to OISTAT Headquarters headquarters@oistat.org prior to the two-year cycle and to be reviewed and approved by OISTAT Executive Committee.

OISTAT Project Grant Application Deadline:
By March 31, 2019 for the years of 2020-21


Grant Review Timeline


Applications should consist of the Following:

1. a description of the project including its draft program, location, scheduled plan; name, address and telephone number of the project contact person;
2. information on organizers and expected participants, co-organizers, sponsors if any promotion scheme
3. budget with line-item
4. project financial information: proposed project budget, the amount of money requested and the expected date of grant payment, other anticipated sources of income;
5. plans to measure and evaluate program results

Criteria for Evaluation
1. Seek new knowledge through experimentation, research, or the collection of resources that will promote new ideas, new ways of working together
2. Demonstrate originality, creativity, and innovation;
3. Improve or enhance contemporary approaches to design and/or technology;
4. Result in presentations, demonstrations, or publication for OISTAT members and their Centres;
5. That brings OISTAT members and Center together to experience the benefit of the project.

Project Report Submission
The project report should be submitted the OISTAT Headquarters no later than November. 30 in the year the project is finished, in order for the Headquarters to prepare for the end of year report and accounting. 90% of the grant will be granted before report submission is received. 

Project report should consist of the following:
1. Original RECEIPTS of the expenditures from OISTAT Grant with detailed accounting of how the grant grant were spent, including project financial statement.
2. project photos
3. all the contact information including project staff and participants
4. brief statement of the project results
5. Sample of all printed materials, copy of webpage that acknowledge OISTAT and Headquarters’ official government supporter as sponsors with their logos

Procedure of Applying for OISTAT Project Money Grants



(A) Application form for OISTAT Project Grant
(B) Grant proposal narrative
(C) Grant application checklist
(D) Grant report cover summary and narrative
(E) List of contact information of the project staff and participants
(F) Grant report checklist