OISTAT Sound Design Group Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 10, 2013; 16:30 BST
Royal Welsh College Of Music and Drama, Cardiff, Wales, UK

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Chair: Ricard Thomas (acting chair), Joe Pino (newly elected chair)
Secretary: Elizabeth Atkinson

Members and Guests : 1. Richard Thomas, 2. Elizabeth Atkinson, 3. David E. Smith, 4. Curtis Craig, 5. Joe Pino (via computer), 6. George Christou, 7. Gregg Fisher, 8. Robert Brown

1.0 Greetings and Call to Order

2.0 Election of new head
Introductions of candidates Joe Pino and George Christou followed by discussion and vote. Joe Pino was elected as new head of Sound Design Group.

3.0 Virtual Mentorship program
Liz Atkinson gave an overview and update on the virtual mentorship program. The SDG is ready to do a 'soft' launch and are looking for a potential candidate or two. Discussion about how to get the word out about this program and info about the program will be put in the Dropbox folder that Nela Brown has created for us, and also sent via the Yahoo SDG list.

4.0 Sound Kitchen at PQ15
Joe Pino explained the Sound Kitchen was started by Steve Brown when he was project manager for the sound elements of PQ in 2011. All agreed that it was a terrific success and that the SDG would like to do it again in 2015. Nela Brown and Karen Lauke volunteered to work with the PQ organizers to coordinate and run it at PQ 15.

5.0 Organizational Threads
5.1 The domain name “theatresound.org” will be turned over to SDG. Joe will work with Brown family to facilitate taking over all domains registered to Steve Brown.
5.2 John Leonard will continue to maintain Steve’s Listen Hear website
5.3 Joe will take over the administrative/moderator role at the Yahoo group with the aid of the Brown family.

6.0 New business
6.1 Gregg Fisher is on the board for the Association of Sound Designers, a UK Sound Designers organization. They are looking to create an official organizational connection between them and OISTAT and/or SDG. No one present knew the OISTAT policy/practice on affiliations with professional groups although the general sense was that was no reason to discourage any affiliation, especially since a number of the members of ASD were already active SDG members. Joe Pino will follow up on this.

6.2 Official motion to create the position of Associate Head of the SDG. After discussion, George Christou was nominated and a vote was taken. He will now serve in the new position.

7.0 Future business
• The roll out of the Mentorship program
• Planning for PQ 2015
• Women Sound Design sub-committee (this topic came up on the online chat side bar and wasn’t discussed in the room)
• Determine the status of various initiatives in OISTAT which Steve had started or discussed with various members in order to actively push them forward.

The next annual meeting of the Sound Design Group will be in August 2014 in Brazil during the joint OISTAT Performance Design/Education/Research Group meetings.