2004 OISTAT ScenCom LDWG meeting / report

LDWG looks back on a very succesfull meeting in Malmö Sweden and wants to thank Sunniva Telestam and subsequently the hosting organisations STTF and the organisation of NOTT’04 Rickart Bauer and team very much for hosting the Oistat Scenography Commission and LDWG and CDWG meetings.

The meetings of the LDWG were performed aside a second Scenography Commission meeting in 2004. Next to the business agenda there was a side program of theatre visits and Nott conference lectures. The NOTT meeting was officially opened by the mayor in the city hall of Malmö with ceremonies, music and speeches and a wonderfull buffet lunch.

The NOTT’04 organised a great banquet in a deserted submarine construction hall around the corner of K3  where the NOTT was held. It was converted into a giant festival-hall with podium, lights and great catering.

The goal of the LDWG

The LDWG is initiated by the Scenography Commission of the OISTAT to advocate matters on lighting design, initiate projects and organise meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations for international professionals and students in the theatre. The importance is to understand the practice and the variety caused by cultural differences, never meaning to even out the differences but to understand and respect these and to unite people in their cultural differences. The LDWG is active in the ScenCom and its working groups as well as in other commisions of the OISTAT as on it’s own.

Mission statement of the LDWG

LDWG is a non profit international platform for theatrical lighting designers from al over the world connecting individuals as well as national/regional organisations of lighting designers. The mission is to grow understanding, respect and a sense of quality in the work and spread of lighting design in the world of live theatre and the performing arts. It is also meanth to enhance the relation and collaboration between the other members of the artistic teams that creates theatre. Lighting as a collaborative but seperate distinctive contribution to the theatre.

List of participants:

Ms. Sunniva Thelestam


S.C./ organising host


Mr. In Suk Suh


Chair S.C.


Mr. Robert Schmidt




Mr. John Faulkner




Mr. Jerome Maeckelbergh




Mr. Michael Ramsaur


Chair E.C.+LDWG


Mr. Henk van der Geest




Mr. Markku  Uimonen




Mr. Chris Van Goethem




Mr. Harry Cole




Ms. Margareta Andersen




Ms. Masako Ito




Ms. Tomimori




Mr. Mang Chao Wang (Austin)




Ms. Laura Crow




Ms. Kazue Hatano




Ms. Hyunjung Jo




Ms. Jeongeun Oh




List of regrets

MartheMaria Scheunemann (D)

Scott Palmer (UK)


Sabrina Hamilton (USA)


The following subjects were discussed in the meeting:

1.     After the PQ’03 that hold an informative meeting this was the first regular meeting of the LDWG. Therefore we had to establish our goals and projects to work on:

a.     Own projects

b.     Projects combined with other commissions.

2.     The first posible meeting is Toronto where WSD, OISTAT worldcongress and USITT will meet. We need to speak about projects and sessions we can organise.

3.     We need to set up a meeting format so that we meet efficient and are able to as much work as possible.

4.     What are the opportunities and advantages of LDWG on the web.



1. The LDWG want to work towards PQ’s, to advocate lighting in the ScenCom by:

a.     Initiate and organise lighting exhibitions. We take WSD to learn how lighting wants to be exhibited best, by foto’s / schetches and/or by electronic publishing.

b.     To include lighting in the national professional entries

c.     To include lighting via workshops in Scenofest on 1:25 , 1:4 scale models and 1:1 live size. The workshops to be shorter of nature and more open to audience participation than PQ03.

d.     To light the Industrial Palace as a sound and light spectacle

 Action: all


2. LDWG wil take on activities to bring a website with information about lighting to life. Content would be:

a.     information about education and institutions that organise lighting education of any kind

b.           Local organisations of lighting designers

c.           Theatre museums

 Action: Michael Ramsaur coordinating (++ the America’s)

       Markku Uimonen (++ Europe)

       Austin Wang (++ Asia)

++ students will be given projects to research and collect content


3. We will schedule next meeting in Toronto on the presentation of lighting design.

 Action: Henkvan der Geest & Michael Ramsaur


4. We seek options and possibilities to organise workshops at meetings on national and international gatherings.

 Action: Harry Cole & Henk van der Geest


5. We will communicate basicly by e-mail and via the chatbox on the OISTAT.org website.

Action: Henk will contact Gustav Kull about the possibilities of the website.


6. One of the side effects of the meeting in Sweden was that Nordic lighting people learned to know OISTAT and LDWG and showed interest to hearing more on future projects of the LDWG. The folwing put their names or cards on the list:


Nils Hansen - Norland teater – Norway  nils.hansen@nordlandteater.no

Minna Heikkilä - Finland  minna.heikkila@teak.fi

Irina Kumpalainen - student Finland  irina.kumpulainen@teak.fi

Anna Pöllänen - student Finland  anna.pollanen@teak.fi

Anna Wemmert Clausen - Light designer  anna.wemmert@hem.utfors.se

Ossi Tauriainen - Kristianstads Teater – Sweden  ossi.tauriainen@kristianstad.se

Hans C. Roupe – Sweden  hc.roupe@malmo.com

Sven-Erik Andersson – Sweden  sven.e.andersson@malmo.se


Rikard Persson  rikard-persson@telia.com