Chair of Technology

Romana Bošković Živanović

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) 

Romana Bosković is a Chair of Undergraduate Academic Studies Scene Architecture, Technique and Design at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. She is a graduated engineer of Architecture and she received her PhD in Scene Design from the University of Arts in Belgrade.


She works in the course line of Scene Technique and Technology, Stage Architecture & Technique, Architectural Design of Performing Spaces, Creative Research in Architecture & Urbanism and Typology of Architectural Structures. She also works as a lecturer at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, teaching Theatre Architecture & Technology.


In the centre of her field of interests are technology of theatre and architecture, stage management and technical production. In her work she trays to connect universities and labor market in the field of theatre technology training. She worked as a technical director assistant in Belgrade International Theatre Festival BITEF. She was involved in design and technical production of many performances, events and art projects at both national and international level. She is co-editor for Serbian language in project Digital Theatre Words and is involved in Technical Inventions Prize/TIP, projects of the OISTAT.


Since two years she is one of responsible designers of National Theatre in Subotica, project of theatre technology. In ScenTec project that has been founded with support from the European Commission, she works on developing and implementing training courses for theatre technicians and stage managers. The focus of this project is aimed towards improving health, safety and creative standards in theatres and public venues.



Romana Bosković is a member of SCen (Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology) - OISTAT center Serbia Executive Board, and the Official delegate for Serbia in OISTAT Technology Commission.