OISTAT Sound Design Group Meeting Stockholm-UD-Msmila Minutes of the Meeting 

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June 15, 2008  4:30 PM Stockholm/10:30 AM US/10:30 PM Philippines


1. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM Stockholm Time, 9:30 AM US Eastern Time, and 10:30PM Philippine Time. Prior to opening the session, Rick Thomas sent 5 files for reference to David Budries and Jethro Joaquin.


2. Present at the meeting were:

Rick Thomas- USA

Jason Ducat- USA

SungChul Kim – South Korea

David Budries - USA (via Skype conference)

Steven Brown - UK

Janne Auvinen - Finland

Jethro Joaquin - Philippines (via Skype conference)


3. Opening Remarks

a. Rick Thomas gave his welcoming remarks everyone and briefly introduced OISTATSWG, what the group is about and what it has currently done in the last few years.

b. He emphasize on the rationale of the meeting held in Stockholm and that is primarily to discuss the preparations for 2009 World Stage Design and the 2011 Prague Quadrennial


4. World Stage Design 2009


a. Rick gave the floor to SungChul Kim of

Seoul to orient the SWG members on WSD 2009


b. SungChul Kim briefly introduced himself. He is the Scenography chair of the Scenography commission of the

Seoul OISTAT Center and expressed his gratitude to be part of the SWG meeting currently being held


c. Sung was tasked to be the director of WSD2009 which will be held on September 19-30, 2009.


d. He has prepared files for the information of the SWG members. Rick has sent copies to David Budries and Jethro Joaquin via email and Skype


e. Rick shared his thoughts and experiences on the 2005 WSD


f. Sung explained that in 2007, they have recently conducted a scenographers forum in conjunction of the selection of the jury for 2009WSD and reported that 16 out of 60 countries have responded.

They opened a call for honorable scenographers in the world. Currently they are in the selection phase for the Asian competition of scenography.


g. As of the moment, there is no information disseminated on sound...


h. basic info on WSD 2009

when: 19-30 of September 2009

where: Seoul


i. The competition is coming in 2 weeks and SungChul hopes things with regards to sound will be ironed out within the time allotted for us

j. Rick mentions that the call for submissions will be on July1 which will be put up in the website www.wsd2009.com


k. submissions are due on December 31, 2008


l. January 31, 2009 - Jury will decide who goes in the gallery exhibition

m. March 31, 2009 - the selected participants for the gallery exhibit shall submit there plans for the gallery exhibition.

n. SungChul website will be gathering all submissions submitted in the website and sound materials and visual materials for the sound exhibit will be submitted to Jethro - the documents which will then be edited in QuickTime format that will then be submitted to the jury by mid-January


5. Exhibit space for the WSD2009:


a. digital exhibition may be patterned to that of WSD2005 where kiosks with computer systems are set up and where the audio works are presented


b. for the gallery, a 5x4 room with 5.1 surround sound system may be considered


6. What needs to go in the initial submission? Base info from 2005wsd


7. Standardized requirements for those wishing to submit materials for exhibition at the WSD2009:


brief background of the work submitted

5-10 images .jpg format (300dpi)

5-7minute audio clip

completed sound timing sheet


8. Options of sound works to be submitted:

Binaural or live recording?

interested sound exhibitors are free to choose what they intend to include.

Use of video is not a good idea as mentioned by Rick since it shall then encounter commercial, copyright, advertising issues, and etc., that the group wants to avoid


9. Rick strongly emphasized that the Sound Exhibition is an ART EXHIBIT and should definitely not be commercial in nature. He also explained that when there are moving images, it would be difficult to focus oneself on the sound work which is after all the primary art work that is exhibited


10. Steven added that with the use of videos, copyright issues and clearances with other members of the production team will come up and complex copyright clearances will then be needed


11. David Budries agrees that still images are a reasonable format : 200x200dpi (accepted images)

No videos just images


12. Rick explains to Jethro possible procedure to go about with the exhibit materials and that is to take the images and audio files and convert them to QuickTime movie. The process may be done in half hour for each applicants work


13. The inquiry on the number of sound designers in the jury panel was brought up. Choice of jury was discussed

Steven emphasizes 1 sound designer in the selection jury (Jethro lost connection during this moment)

David- accept materials as submitted Steven 2nd the motion


14. PQ2011




15. Steven Brown actively participated in previous PQ exhibitions


16. David Budries willingly volunteered to curate the 2011 PQ


17. Steven gave an overview of what the 2007PQ body discussed regarding the 2011 PQ:

Scenofest 2011 will be smaller in scale

Steven has a mailing list of sound designers which he will provide David Budries with a copy

David requests for the mailing list of sound designers


18. Rick explained his intention to turn over his position as Sound liaison of USITT to other potential leaders and recommended David Budries to the position


19. Effective July 1- David Budries is the official US delegate for the SWG


20. Rick recommends Steven Brown of

UK as the SWG Chair. He emphasized Steve's amazing work as a professional theater sound practitioner in the UK who has successfully been active in promoting theater sound on a global level.

For formalities, David Budries nominated Steven Brown and Jethro Joaquin seconded the motion

Janne close the floor


21. Steven Brown has been unanimously nominated by the SWG as the head of the OISTAT-SWG


22. Steven Brown thanks Rick for his valuable work and support for SWG especially for what it has done for him as a sound colleague. Emphasized Rick's incredible support and hard work. Rick expressed his gratitude


23. Rick congratulates everyone for attending this meeting and noted the historical mark of opening the SWG meeting to video conference feed, with participants from the Philippines and the US taking part in the event.


24. For the record, the next OISTAT-SWG will be held in

Seoul Korea on the 30th of September.

Time to be announced


25. Meeting was adjourned at around 6PM

Stockholm time, 11AM US Eastern Time and 12MN Philippine Time