Minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting

June 20, 2007 8:00 p.m. Bohemian Bagel

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List of Participants

Raul Teixeira (Brazil)
Janne Auvinen (Finland)
Manimala Das (India)
Dr. Dinesh Yadav (India)
Igor Drevalev (Russia)
Cees Wagenaar (Netherlands)
Jethro Z. Joaquin (Philippines)
Rolando M. deLeon (Phillippines)
Gregg Fisher (UK)
Tom Gibbons (UK)
Tom Hackley (UK)
Karen Hay (UK)
Patrick H. Lauke (UK)
John Leonard (UK)
Christopher Johns (UK)
John Taylor (UK)
Donato Wharton (UK)
Elizabeth Atkinson (USA)
Kimberly Bizjak (USA)
Curtis Craig (USA)
Caitlin Janapol (USA)
Vincent Olivieri (USA)
Joe Pino (USA)
Stephanie Riddle (USA)
Eileen Smitheimer (USA)
Rick Thomas (USA)
Don Tindall (USA)
Justin Stasin (USA)
Shahrokh Yadegan (USA)


1. Welcoming Remarks by Rick Thomas
2. Dinner and drinks.
3. Rick Thomas called the meeting to order after dinner.
4. Call for items to add to the agenda; no items added.
5. Rick Thomas provided a brief history of the Sound Working Group.
6. Steven Brown led a discussion about sound at the Prague Quadrennial and Scenofest. Rick Thomas proposed a toast to Steven Brown, and the group enthusiastically praised and thanked Steven for all of his marvelous work on the event.
Sweden Festival of the Midsummer Night. The Sound Working Group voted to accept an invitation from the OISTAT centers of Sweden to participate in joint meetings between the Working Groups and the Scenography Commission from June 12 – 20, 2008. Janne Auvinen of Finland, then invited the Sound Working Group to visit Finland as a part of the trip. The Sound Working Group also voted to accept this invitation.
8. 2009 World Stage Design in
Seoul Korea. Jethro Joaquin was appointed to represent the Sound Working Group in the curation of the sound exhibit for WSD 2009. Mr. Joaquin accepted the appointment.
9. 2011 PQ. David Budries has been nominated to organize sound events for PQ2011. He has not yet accepted the position. The following ideas were discussed:
• Find a more central (closer to the main PQ) location for sound design events that also has good isolation and a low noise floor.
• We need to find a way to present sound designs in a quality listening environment so that it can be properly auditioned and appreciated.
• We need to involve a visual designer from the PQ to help draw all PQ participants into the sound space, not just isolate ourselves.
• We should explore creating a national day for Sound.
• We need to find a way to get students involved in the planning of the PQ at a much earlier point in the process.
• We must develop a method for also sharing sound reinforcement design.
• Steven Brown led a discussion about forming regional meeting for the sound working group, particularly in
10. The Sound Working Group then voted to institute a separate Yahoo Group for the business of the Sound Working Group from the Sound Colloquium mailing list, which exists for the exchange of ideas about theatre sound. Steven Brown will develop the new list.
11. Rick then adjourned the meeting (time unknown).


Updated September 2007