Sound Design Group Minutes of the Meeting

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


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1. Meeting called to order by Rick Thomas at 8:00 a.m. In attendance:


Nancy Tobin /Canada

Lee Wing Wing /China

Janne Auvinen /Finland

Yasuhiko Yahata /Japan

Hideki Nakahima /Japan

Igor Drevalev /Russia

Keith Orton /UK

Gregg Fisher /UK

Ross Brown /UK

Kate Burnett /UK

Rick Thomas /USA

Michael Hooker /USA

Cece Disharoon /USA

Steve Swift /USA

Eileen Smitheimer /USA

Jason Waggoner /USA

Curtis Craig /USA

Erik Albers /USA

Drew Dalzell /USA

Dave Tosti-Lane /USA

Peter Shiplett /USA

Matt Yohe /USA

David Budries /USA


2. Discussion of the World Stage Design(WSD) Exhibition


2.1. Main Exhibition Comments:

2.1.1. Some felt that the ambience was a nice touch so that all design areas were represented in the main exhibition area.

2.1.2. For next time, a suggestion was made for normalization of the main exhibition ambiences.

2.2. Sound Room Comments:

2.2.1. Some felt that having a separate acoustically isolated room from the main exhibition was a nice feature;

2.2.2. Some felt that having the lights be neither off nor fully on was a nice touch. Members seemed to like the “movie theatre” feel;

2.2.3. Some thought that the size of the television screen could become overwhelming at times;

2.2.4. Others felt that only a few pieces could be watched in one sitting because the pieces wore the viewer out after a bit;

2.2.5. Still others expressed feelings that the video was too much for the aural designers;

2.2.6. However, many visual designers felt that including pictures helped them to understand the sound design better;

2.2.7. Many aural designers enjoyed the sound room with their eyes shut and their ears open.

2.3. Suggestions and thoughts for next WSD

2.3.1. Possibly add user controls which allow for more control over what to watch; Dew Dalzell – volunteered for this job;

2.3.2. Allow more than just still pictures to be added to the submission list.

Possibly allow Quicktime movies; However, a standard would have to be agreed upon so that the person compiling the designs is not overwhelmed;

2.3.3. Consider having visuals at the beginning and the end (title screens), but black screen in between so that sound design is in the front seat and not the visuals; remember, of course, that sound designers could choose this option using the present process;

2.3.4. It would be interesting to develop a collaborative exhibition around this model for all designers on a production to demo their work together;

2.3.5. It would be good to have separate categories for sound designers and composers;

2.3.6. Could summaries of the production be added right after initial title slide?

2.3.7. Quotes: “If the design is for the theatre, it’s impossible to display without the theatre.” “If a picture is worth a thousand words, how long does it take to say a thousand words?” “Sound is an art form based in the realm of time. The visual design areas for theatre are based in the realm of space.”


3.Prague Quadrennial(PQ) 2007


3.1. Steve Brown reported on his recent three-day meeting inPrague regarding sound; the PQ Committee was extremely interested in incorporating sound in the PQ, and spent a great amount of time discussing it; the next PQ will feature collaborations between all design areas.

3.2. Ideas for PQ 2007

3.2.1. The arranged space is smaller than that of the last PQ; various theatre spaces around Prague were also looked at for sound exhibitions;

3.2.2. National exhibits: We need to contact the national curators for PQ’07 to be sure sound is included in the national exhibits;

3.2.3. 2007 Prague Quadrennial Scenofest Discussion The Scenofest will be located in the center wing of Vista Vysta. Design as Performance Presentations will be based around the theme, “The Tower of Babel;” Preliminary conceptions include a large tower where designers bring their work for display; we will need volunteers to display their sound work here also; We will also need sound educators to develop sound workshops for Scenofest; Steve Brown report on an idea to get the statues that line either side of the St. Charles Bridge to “talk” to each other; he will be looking for volunteers; Scenofest will also look to create multicultural collaboration on specific designs/projects; Steve also proposed a live sound project in which a sound garden is set up to allow people to walk through and make different sounds with common objects; this helps bring people into sound who are intimidated by its technology; Designs done for specific locations around Prague might allow people to explore the city and discover sounds as part of Scenofest;

This could include a dozen installation pieces that help link the city of Prague to PQ and vice versa; Another idea involves sound designers recording different sounds on their journey to Prague and while in Prague. Using these, they would construct and exhibit a story that would allow people from other cultures to relate to the sounds of other cultures;


4. Closing: 


4.1.Finland has made a tentative offer to host the next Sound Design Group meeting in fall of 2006;

4.2. Rick closed the meeting by reflecting that sound has started to become a much more recognized and appreciated design field within OISTAT. This is due to all the hard work everyone is putting into bringing it to the forefront. He expressed hope to see everyone again in Finland in 2006, at the PQ in 2007, and at World Stage Design in 2009.

4.3. Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 a.m.