Pingtung County Performing Arts Center





(Provided by Pingtung County Government © All rights reserved)



Pingtung County (in southern Taiwan)



Kris Yao/ Artech Architects, Taiwan


Background Information

The function of Pingtung County Performing Arts Center is not only to provide an edifice for performance activities, but also to encourage the public involvement with artistic and cultural events, so to break the boundary between fine arts and daily life and integrate the existing art industries. The Pingtung County Performing Arts Center will be used as an open public space for the citizens to appreciate the beauty of arts. 



Grand Concert Hall: 1100-1200 seats

Theater: 250 seats


Design Concept

The two halls of the Pingtung County Performing Arts Center will be geared toward different types of performances. The smaller hall, equipped with complete stage machinery, lighting facilities and a full array of stage hoists, will enable scenographers to realize their artistic visions as fully as possible and will accommodate opera, drama, dance and all types of performing art. The larger hall will be used mainly as concert hall as its design stresses the importance of acoustics. Ranging from the solo recital of a violinist to the performance of a cappella choir, an orchestra or symphonic ensemble, the concert hall can accommodate different types of concert well. And it is expected to produce the most expressive, subtle and rich acoustic effect for the performers’ and connoisseurs’ satisfaction.