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The following programs are offered by the HUFA:

MA Artist’s diploma (5 years)
Painting, sculpture, graphic art, graphic design, restoration (picture, sculpture and artifact restoration), intermedia, scenography. (In scenography, separate BA and MA tracks are offered, 3 and 2 years respectively)

MA Visual education - an additional teacher's diploma (5+1 years)
Students may start to specialize in teaching artistic drawing, art history and projective geometry in secondary schools at the beginning of the 4th term.

BA in Art Theory (3 years)
Guest students who do not wish to obtain a degree from the University, but wish to spend a semester or year studying there, are exempt from the entrance examination, but have to submit some application material (for details see below).
Please note that in order for you to become a guest student here, you must have at least a few years of previous college/university-level training or diploma in fine art.

Regular (degree earning) international students who wish to obtain a degree from the University have to take the same entrance examination as Hungarian speaking students and they have to take their examinations at the end of each semester in Hungarian in order to receive an MA degree.
Please note, that the MA Programs incorporate the BA level as well, thus the length of study at the HUFA is 5 min. years. (Exception is the 3-year BA program in Art Theory, and the separate BA and MA tracks of the Scenography Program, 3 and 2 years respectively.)
Fluency in Hungarian is a requirement (this also means that students must be able to take the entrance examination is Hungarian). 

The language of teaching is Hungarian. Guest students are given the possibility to attend tutorials in English, German or French and can participate in studio work. There are also Hungarian lessons for foreign students free of charge. However non-Hungarian speaking students can receive only practical instruction, as at present there is no option of taking theoretical examinations in any language other than Hungarian.

The documents necessary for application are the following:
for both regular and guest students:
- a letter of intent with your personal data, the branch of study and status (i.e. regular or guest student) you apply for
- Curriculum vitae with passport photo attached
- portfolio, documentation of works (i.e. catalogues, photos, videos, drawings, paintings, etc.).

- application form (the latter can be obtained from the international office,
 in case of regular (degree earning) international students:
- school-leaving certificate (which shows that the applicant has completed his/her secondary education and has graduated from secondary/high school)
 in case of guest students:
- a letter from the art school that the student is attending, attesting to the fact that he or she is currently enrolled there, or, if the student has already graduated from an institution of higher education in art, a copy of the diploma certificate.



 BA in Stage and Costume Design


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