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Institut del Theatre/ The Theatre School


The Theatre School is a cultural institution with a long history of training in the various specialities of the performing arts and the research, promotion and dissemination of theatre. The combination of all of these activities makes it one of the most dynamic and influential institutions in the world of performing arts in Europe.

 The Institut del Teatre offers you the opportunity to gain a higher qualifications in theatre and dance , study in specialize  postgraduate programmes , obtain Intermediate-level studies in dance especialized secondary school in dancing courses , and complete professional training programmes as well as non-regulated studies in the performing arts: training programmes and also non-qualification training in the performing arts.

Those of you who are interested in teaching and research in these fields may choose to enter the Institut del Teatre's  Doctoral Programme in the Performing Arts  

The Theatre School comprises four schools:

      School of Drama (Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic)
Directing and Dramaturgy  -  ScenographyActing

      Dance Conservatory (Conservatori Superior de Dansa)
Dance Pedagogy  -  Choreography and Dance Performance Techniques

      School of Performing Arts Technology (Escola Superior de les Arts de l'Espectacle)
Sound Engineering  -  Lighting Technology   -  Stage Machinery

      Secondary School for the Arts / Dance Conservatory (EESA / CPD)
Classical Dance  -  Contemporary Dance   - Spanish Dance



The School confers higher academic degrees equivalent to a university degree in the following fields:

Directing and Dramaturgy

·                  Directing Option

·                  Dramaturgy Option



·                  Text-Based Theatre Option

·                  Physical Theatre Option

·                  Puppet and Object Theatre Option

·                  Musical Theatre Option

Dance Pedagogy

Choreography and Dance Performance Techniques

Sound Engineering

Lighting Technology

Stage Machinery


International Exchange Program




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