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Dramatiska Institutet,
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts



Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA) is a national university and offers a University Diploma in Performing Arts and Media. The professional training aims at enabling the students to start a professional career directly after their graduation.

The Diploma programmes consist of three years full time studies, leading to a Bachelor Degree, consisting of practical production and team-exercises linked to theoretical specific and interdisciplinary courses. The programmes concentrate mainly on practical work, but also include theory. Continual contact with professionals and professional work is maintained by means of guest lecturers, study visits, and co-productions with other institutions, film companies, radio teams, and theatres.

SADA is divided into three departments: 

  • The Department of Performing Arts
  • The Film and Media Department
  • The Department for Acting

SADA offers education on basic and advanced levels, BA Programmes, MA Programmes and continuing professional development.

Bachelor Programmes in related to the field of theatre

  • Acting

  • Acting in Swedish Sign Language

  • Costume Design 

  • Theatre Directing 

  • Lighting Design 
  • Make-up & Wig design

  • Mime Acting

  • Playwriting / Dramaturgy

  • Production Management for Performing Arts

  • Screenwriting
  • Set Design

  • Sound Design

  • Technical Theatre





BA in Theatre


MA in Dramaturgy

MA in Sound Art

MA in Directing


International Exchange Program




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