New Theatre Words


The best example accomplished through the OISTAT network of international artists. New Theatre Words is an illustrated international vocabulary. There are three versions of the New Theater Words (Standard), including the Northern Europe Edition, Central Europe Edition, and World Edition, covering a total of 24 languages in different collections.The books are of pocket-size (4 3/8" X 6 5/8"; 11cm X 17 cm).

New Theatre Words Central Europe Edition:
English, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbian
Price: 15 Euros (Shipping included) 


New Theatre Words Northern Europe Edition:
English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Russian

Price: 15 Euros (Shipping included)


New Theatre Words World Edition:
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

Price: 29 Euro (Shipping & handling not included)

New Theatre Words Central Europe Edition, Northern Europe Edition, and World Edition are also availble on Print-On-Demand:

  • Print-On-Demand Northern Europe 1 'Nordic': English, French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian
  • Print-On-Demand Northern Europe 2 'Baltic': English, French, German, Dutch, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian
  • Print-On-Demand Central Europe 1 'Latin': English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak
  • Print-On-Demand Central Europe 2 'Cyrillic': English, French, German, Dutch, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian
  • Print-On-Demand World Edition: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Price for Each Version: 29 Euro (Shipping & handling not included) 
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New Theatre Words also available in 24 other editions on Print-On-Demand and more!  Visit Theatre Words Online Shop for detailed information. 



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