Scenography Commission and History and Theory Commission Joint Meetings 2012

The theme of the Symposium was Spectacle, Extravaganza, Cultural Implications and the Body and it was held in collaboration with the Scenography Commission and the History and Theory Commission that also met at the same time in Las Vegas. In three Presentations Sessions, eight papers were presented. After that, the PechaKucha received the presentations of eleven designers.

Some visits were organized: to the theatre archives of UNLV Library, where the archival curator Su Kim Chung prepared materials relating to Las Vegas costume and set designers and allowed the group to see Bob Mackie, Pete Menefee, Jerry Jackson, Jose Luis Vinas, Josephine Spinedi, Corrado Collabuci sketchs. And to the backstage of the Cirque Du Soleil show, Ka, and at Bally’s, to the backstage of Jubilee. 


In the OISTAT CDG meeting, a review of Prague Quadrennial (PQ) '11 activities and plans to the participation of the group at World Stage Design 2013. Announcement of Call for the 3rdGlobal conference on the Visual Aspects of Performance Practice, to be held in Salzburg, Austria, 13-15 Nov 2012. And also studies of the future meetings proposals, new projects and future guideline.


Download the CDG Minutes Las Vegas 2012

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